• Finance remains ‘crucial constraint’ of nuclear newbuild

  •  Dr Nina Ivanova has worked in the nuclear industry for almost 10 years, mainly in finance and management.
    She is currently Head of Administration and Finance for Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant – New Builds, Plc, which is investigating opportunities for building a new nuclear power plant at the site of NPP Kozloduy, Bulgaria.


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    Making the right financial arrangements is difficult but essential for any nuclear newbuild project. But new designs may drive costs down. 



    The availability of adequate and secure finance is probably one of the most crucial constraints affecting the implementation of NPP projects, says Dr Nina Ivanova, a specialist in the economics of nuclear power plants.


    Some of the biggest challenges in the financing of nuclear power projects are beyond the control of the industry, she said, citing political uncertainties, long project lead times, licensing procedures and energy market conditions, lost of nuclear knowledge and available qualified human resources . Others, such as public acceptance, safety and waste management, are familiar to anyone involved with the sector.


    Dr Ivanova, who is Head of Administration and Finance for the Bulgarian company Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant – New Builds plc, said in an interview with WNE that costs have “ranged in big intervals” based on factors such as the world region, plant size, construction time, financing terms, interest rates and others.


    “The higher the uncertainties anticipated for the investors, the higher the capital costs for nuclear projects are. Too many risks would prevent investors and lenders from financing nuclear projects.”


    But she added: “It is expected that new reactor designs will reduce capital costs and construction time of NPPs. although the cost of NPP projects still stay high.


    Dr Ivanova is researching the viability of investing in a new NPP at the Kozloduy site in Bulgaria as part of the IAEA’s research coordination project, ‘Financing Nuclear Investments’.


    She welcomed the opportunity presented by WNE to meet vendors of nuclear equipment from all over the world and learn first-hand about the latest nuclear equipment.


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