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WNE 2023 a accueilli plus de 110 sessions de 25 minutes de prise de parole des exposants, autour des thématiques marché de leurs choix. Certaines de ces sessions ont été filmées et sont disponibles en replay. Revivez ces sessions ! 


ABMI Hire and train to ensure a powerful delivery : an ABMI feedback Replay >>
AFCEN AFCEN editorial programme of nuclear codes and technical publications Replay >>
AIMS AIMS plantwide digital O&M solution for NPP  
Alpha Safety Applied Engineered Controls and Technologies for Radiological and Hazardous Material Applications  
ANDRA Waste management in France: overview and future challenges Replay >>
Anglo Belgian Corporation ABC, committed to power your future  
Argonne National Laboratory ARG-US Remote Monitoring Systems Technologies Replay >>
ARTELIA - EDVANCE Collaborative engineering dynamic setup for an efficient EPR2 project development: HK and HR pools case. Replay >>
Assystem AI-powered experience-based learning for efficient knowledge sharing. Replay >>
Assystem Surprises are for birthdays not for complex projects: How Digital Twin can unveil the unexpected. Replay >>
Assystem Smart Site Selection for SMRs: A Safe and Resilient Approach Replay >>
AtkinsRealis CANDU Showcase: a new 1,000 MW CANDU reactor, a gamechanging technology at the forefront of nuclear innovation  
AtkinsRéalis The Nuclear Supercycle: Where Data and Digital meet Delivery Replay >>
ATR INGENIERIE Expediting a key link for the success of major nuclear projects  
BELSIM Data Validation and Reconciliation (DVR) For Increasing Plant Performance.  
Bilfinger Empowering Decarbonization: The Central Role of Nuclear Energy and Attracting FutureTalent Replay >>
Boccard Approach & Solutions to reduce projects carbon footprint thanks to prefabrication, modularisation and digitalisation. Replay >>
Bouygues Construction Expertises Nucléaires Use of Innovative resins in Nuclear Industry  
Bureau Veritas Equipment Qualification – approaches towards AMR/SMR requirements Replay >>
Calogena A carbon-free urban heating network  
CAMFIL Air filtration inside a nuclear power plant  
Canadian Nuclear Association and Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries Nuclear Power Surge: Empowering Canada's Future  
Capgemini Small Modular Reactor (SMR) : The game changer in Economy decarbonation ? Replay >>
Capgemini Extended enterprise and how digital can serve performance improvement for construction Replay >>
Capgemini How to develop new Engineering Capabilities in France and abroad ? Replay >>
CEA TOMIS : mobile Tomography technique for waste caracterization  
CEA Decarbonizing beyond electricity : nuclear power has a role to play Replay >>
CEA Innovation in Smart Digital Systems to Accelerate Operational Performance Replay >>
China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) Turn Design Into Delivery Replay >>
Coyard Pioneer spirit - Story of a medium size industrial company serving nuclear projects  
CS Group Administration chain hardening to match NIS and LPM  
Cyclife Fessenheim, a decommissioning project on track, led by the leader of low carbon energy generation  
DASSAULT SYSTEMES Small Modular Reactor Design within Virtual Twin Experiences Replay >>
Dassault Systèmes and Assystem Accelerating Advanced Nuclear Technology through Engineering-Software Partnership with Virtuals Twins and MBSE Replay >>
DEMBOOST New tools and applications to improve radiological evaluation and dismantling  
Distran Maintenance 4.0: Augmented reality for facilities surveillance with Acoustic Leak Imaging  
DNV ISO 19443: The three key pillars for implementing a robust nuclear safety culture Replay >>
EDF Nuclear and climate change adaptation Replay >>
EDF Deep dive into EDF's plant life extension Program - Boosting expertise and new solutions for safety and decarbonization  
EDF Gamifying your training programs: learning is a game!  
EDF A new French Nuclear Program  
EDF Knowledge and know-how: a Key Performance Challenge for EDF Replay >>
EDF EDF New Nuclear Services : Meeting your nuclear roadmap ambition  
Egis From national policies to project level – how to eco-design large nuclear facility  Replay >>
Egis A Thoughtful Worksite Preparation for a Trouble-free Construction Replay >>
EKIUM groupe SNEF Collaborative Virtual Reality Replay >>
EOWIN Digital Continuity and Information Governance in the Nuclear sector  
Equans Mobilisation of nuclear skills, how to succeed in the challenge of promoting professions, training, and recruitment? Replay >>
European Commission - Directorate General for Energy (DG ENER) Planning nuclear projects in the EU? Avoid legal pitfalls – do “Safeguards by Design  
Fastpoint Artificial intelligence and Computer Vision benefits to drastically improve Safety at Workplace  
Fives Nordon AI based predictive welding at the service of MES  
FLEXIM GmbH Non-invasive flow measurement solutions for liquids, gases and steam  
Flowserve Corporation Flowserve Nuclear Capabilities and Solutions Replay >>
Framatome Advanced fuels solutions and high enrichment technologies values for competitive and sustainable nuclear operations  
Framatome Enhanced performance with advanced core control  
Framatome Engineering expertise, a key support to lifetime extension and power uprate projects Replay >>
Framatome Nuclear Industry at the age of Additive Manufacturing Replay >>
Framatome The computer security journey of critical industrial assets: a comprehensive cybersecurity approach Replay >>
Framatome & Siemens Digital Industries Software Industrial use of CFD for Nuclear Power Plant design and fabrication Replay >>
Generation IV International Forum GIF Senior Industrial Advisory Panel Special Session on : Advanced Manufacturing and Material Engineering (AMME)  
GERB Optimizing 3D Seismic Isolation Systems for NPP Structures  
GIFEN MATCH, an innovative program to guarantee adequacy between needs and resources for French nuclear industry Replay >>
Grayloc Products Optimization of Piping Systems using Leak-Free Pipe Connectors  
GROUPE ADF FUD Digitalization in boiler maker Workshop  
Helgeson Scientific Services Introduction on Simulation Sources - Powerful tool for training and drill  
Hexagon Asset Lifecycle Intelligence How CERN uses HxGN EAM to maintain its research equipment, facilities and the world's most complex machine Replay >>
Hexagon Asset Lifecycle Intelligence The Power of Data for Better Nuclear Operations  
Hinkley Point C The Hinkley Point C delivery model Replay >>
HITACHI ENERGY How digital continuity serves new plant construction and commissioning efficiency  
Ingérop Conseil & Ingénierie Civil engineering design with the implementation of interoperability between software and design tools  
INSTITUT DE SOUDURE GROUPE Demonstration and Qualification of HDPE Pipe Assembly Performance  
ITA - Italian Trade Agency Made in Italy technological solutions for tomorrow's nuclear power  
ITER Organization Fusion and Climate Change - The Conversation Continues  
Jacobs Bringing an SMR programme from design principle to commercial reality.  
KEP TECHNOLOGIES Solutions to the challenges of nuclear materials and waste management, including quantification.  
Larsen & Toubro Limited Larsen & Toubro - Nuclear Manufacturing & Operational Excellence  
LKAB Minerals Beyond Traditional Barriers: Discover the MagnaDense Difference?  
Mannesmann Stainless Tubes Innovating in high specification metal tubes to the support the needs of new generation nuclear  
Ministry of Climate and Environment Poland Polish nuclear programme, local content and nuclear supply chain  
MIRION TECHNOLOGIES Mirion Connected Electronic Dosimetry Vision Replay >>
MONTEIRO How to be efficient for the industrial challenges of tomorrow Replay >>
NAAREA Sustainable Nuclear Power: A Solution to Tomorrow's Energy Challenges  
newcleo newcleo's lead-cooled fast neutron reactor project  
Nuclear Quality Standard Association (NQSA) Role of NQSA in promoting ISO 19443 certification worldwide following an accredited scheme  
NUVIA Industrial robots vs Manipulators for remote controlled operations  
NUVIA Contribution of few innovative technologies to improving safety, a key parameter in the development of new reactors.  
NUWARD NUWARD SMR : breaking ground in European design review and licensing  
OAKRIDGE SAS Nuclear Safety analysis of an AMR/SMR its at early stage; mixing well paved process and unprecedent innovative methods. Replay >>
olome From data capture from the field, to sharing with customers and suppliers  
Onet Technologies What are the conditions for success for the nuclear energy of the future?  
Orano Orano’s successful experiences in decommissioning BWR & PWR, using different segmentation methodologies Replay >>
Orano OranoBox, a brand-new digital platform dedicated to Materials and Waste Management Solutions Replay >>
orano NCPF project: a successful complex challenge  
Orano From waste to raw material: projects which enable to shift perspectives.  
OREP SAS How to protect sensitive nuclear sites with heavy security fences and detection systems? Replay >>
REEL REEL VISION - Digital solutions for your processes – Use case on ITER Cranes Replay >>
Reuter-Stokes In-Core Instrumentation Challenges for SMRs Replay >>
RPC RADICS LLC Behavior of Digital I&C Systems in Extreme Operating Conditions (Practical Cases)  
SETEC Retro engineering  
SNEF LAB How Gen-AI can complement a modern Intelligent Document Processing solution ?  
State Power Investment Corporation Limited Practice of Haiyang NPP in Non-electric Applications of Nuclear  
Sulzer Parts pioneers: How EDF & Sulzer brought the power of additive manufacturing to the Nuclear Industry Replay >>
Sulzer Ltd State-of-the-Art Advancements in Ultra-High-Temperature Molten Medium Pumps Replay >>
Teplator a.s., Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics, CTU Unlocking the Potential of Nuclear District Heating in the European Context Replay >>
Tractel Secalt S.A. GLOBAL ACCESSIBILITY the key driver to a successful project & operation  
TÜV SÜD and TÜV NORD Becoming an intelligent SMR customer – exchange about actual challenges  
Université des Métiers du Nucléaire Harnessing WiNfluence in nuclear industry  
Urenco Enriching the future for a sustainable net zero world Replay >>
Veolia Nuclear Solutions Overcoming Complex Challenges in Nuclear Waste Recovery  
Veolia Nuclear Solutions Rapid Deployment of Modular Water Treatment Systems Replay >>
VULCAIN ENGINEERING GROUP Insights for a secure nuclear supply chain delivery Replay >>
Wälischmiller Engineering GmbH Advancing Automation in Hot Cells with LIROB  
WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC COMPANY The Westinghouse AP300™: Delivering on the Promise of Small Modular Reactors Replay >>
WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC COMPANY Position Your Nuclear Assets for the Future Replay >>
WIKUS Sägenfabrik, Wilhelm H. Kullmann GmbH & Co. KG High techology band saw blades to cut super alloys  
Witt Group Certainty, Safety and Peace-of-Mind Helping to Split the Atom  


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