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  • Centres de stockage de l'Aube (CSA)

    Designed and constructed following Andra’s strict specifications and under its supervision, the CSA was licensed and commissioned in 1992 for the disposal of the LILW-SL. For more than 20 years Andra has been operating, monitoring and upgrading the facility under the control of the French Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN). In 2013 more than 12,500 m3 of waste packaged were disposed of in the CSA facility.

    The CSA’s operational cycle is designed to last 60 years; then, following its closure, the facility will be monitored for another 300 years before being released from under the institutional control.

    CSA - Key Figures:

    • 1 million M3 licensed disposal capacity
    • 95 hectare-industrial territory with less than 1/3 dedicated to disposal structures
    • By 2013, 1/3 of the disposal capacity has been filled
    • Radiological impact evaluated in 2013 : 0.00097 micro-Sv

    Centre Industriel de Regroupement, d’Entreposage et de Stockage (Cires)

    Since 2003, 2 km away from the CSA, Andra operates a facility designed to safely dispose of  VLLW. The Cires was designed and constructed following Andra’s specifications, was commissioned in 2003, and was the first facility in the world dedicated to the safe disposal of very low-level radioactive waste.

    CIRES - Key figures:

    • 650 000 M3 licensed disposal capacity
    • By 2013 more than 250 000 M3 of it has been filled
    • 24,300 M3 of waste were disposed of in 2013 alone
    • In 2012, two industrial building were added: a grouping building for non-nuclear radioactive waste,
    • A temporary storage building for the non-nuclear Long Lived radioactive waste which currently does not have a disposal solution (lightning conductors, radioactive waste owned by private individuals, historical radioactive medical materials, radioactive waste from the remediation of the polluted sites)
  • Programme

  • JULY 1, 2016

    07:00 AM - Departure from the Rail-way station Denfert Rochereau and transfer to the Centre de l’Aube (2 Engineers of International Division of Andra will stand with you in the bus).  

    10:00 AM - Welcome coffee at the CSA and registration formalities (passport required)  

    10:30 AM - General presentation of the 2 Disposal facilities (CSA and Cires)  

    11:15 AM - Visit of the CSA  

    01:00 PM - Lunch on site or closed the site  

    02:00 PM - Visit of the Cires  

    04:30 PM - End of the visits and travel back to Paris  

    08:00 PM – Arrival in Paris

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