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Startups 2021

Retrouvez la liste des startups ayant participé à l'édition 2021 de WNE !

    Key and recognized player in the control and management of radiation protection. The ABGX solution is 6 years of collaboration and Research & Development with radiation protection professionals. Constant development as close as possible to the field to offer a daily management tool, always more intuitive and in line with the expectations of specialists, whatever their field of application.

    Our project is a novel Virtual Reality simulation taht allows the user to train within complex and demanding nuclear environments where fissile material can be handled. This allows the user to be immersed within a process and manipulate items, this in turn will show the effect on the criticality safety of the system, allowing them to understand whether a criticality hazard could be realised, dintuitively developing the users understanding of this complex field. 

    Web application to optimize the contractual and commercial follow-up of industrial projects.
    Damavan is developing a portable camera for radioactivity imaging based on a breakthrough innovation: temporal imaging. This camera gives spectrally resolved high-resolution (6°) images of gamma radiation. We can make an image of positrons (511 KeV) or 137 Cs, or images on the entire spectrum. It is also extremely sensitive: With this camera it is possible to make images of natural radioactivity. The intended application is nuclear decommissioning.

    Invented by Distran, Acoustic Leak Imaging is used in power plants to detect gas leaks of all types including air and vacuum. Hand-held, the ultrasound camera pinpoints and quantifies leaks in real-time using the sound they produce, to ensure high availability and personal safety. It is successfully used to detect leaks which can trigger serious incidents if remain unnoticed. Distran invented the world first ultrasonic imaging camera able to detect leaks of any pressurized gas, and also vacuum. Ultra Pro is already used by nuclear power plants to increase safety and reliability with respect to pressurized systems (steam, hydrogen, air…).

    Elements designs and manufactures reliable, low-cost electronic systems to automate radiation-subject activities in nuclear decommissioning. Elements uses techniques and technologies from the space field for this. 

    We offer dosimetry and radiation protection solutions for radioactivity and ionizing radiation. Through connected sensors (wifi, 4G…) and monitoring software, we propose to improve risk management for people and the environment in the nuclear industry and healthcare facilities. 

    Innowtech develops “robot sensor” solutions to carry out investigations in sensitive, hostile, dangerous or inaccessible environments.

    Metroscope is software based on new technology for the diagnosis in operations and the maintenance of power generation assets, combining a Digital Twin and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The company Metroscope was founded by the inventors of the patented technology and is a member of the EDF Group. The software is already installed on more than 50 GW around the world. That’s more than 50 assets today including nuclear plants, thermal assets, and cooling systems of data centers in Europe and in North America. 
    Miraex develops manufactures and delivers photonic sensing solutions for next generation sensing. Giving customers access to data that no other specifically in harsh environments (extreme temperatures ATEX chemical magnetique field…). Miraex full-stack solution is based on a proprietary ultra small, ultra sensitive and intinsically safe photonics sensor combined with dedicated machine learning models running in a scalable could IoT Plateform, enabling key benefits for customers in terms of improved predictive maintenance, operation efficiency and smart anomaly detections. 

    Exclusive official partner for France of the manufacturers b2 Electronics, Doble Engineering and Morgan Schaffer, we offer a range of reliable and robust devices, allowing to carry out measurements and diagnostics of highvoltage switchgear, such as: • the diagnosis of HT cables in VLF via delta tangent measurement (TD) and partial discharge measurement (DP); • transformer oil diagnostics by dissolved gas analysis (DGA) and dielectric stiffness (spintermeter). We also offer solutions adapted to measurements on power transformers. 

    Fast neutrons are the most dangerousparticles forhealth. They are found in atomic nuclei, but when they are detected, it is because there has been a nuclear reaction close: during radiotherapy, in an airplane, in nuclear power plants or in nuclear waste. But their dangerousness depends on theirenergy! NEUTRO3D aims to open up a new dimension in neutron detection and neutron radiation protection with its neutron spectrometers that can measure the energy of fast neutrons (whereas existing mobile devices only do neutron counting). These spectrometers also have the ability to locate neutron emitters. Neutron3D will offer measurement services, as well as its spectrometers for sale or rent. 

    Nimbl’bot is a deeptech start-up that has patented, in France and abroad, a robot offering unparalleled levels of precision and movement capabilities. Based on a bio-inspired architecture of a spine, our robots are 7 times more precise than those of the competition and infinitely more agile; they make it possible to robotize complex operations and accessibility in environments that are currently impossible. 

    Thanks to the NucleusVR digital tool, it is now possible for an operator to benefit from the remote assistance of an expert as part of a maintenance operation or to be trained remotely by a specialist on equipment or intervention. Thanks to augmented reality, the user can take the digital twin into the field, so that they have instant access to all the data, with a tablet or HoloLens. Thus, by viewing a valve with his tablet, the maintenance operator will be able to directly access PDF files, videos or texts that would be linked to it. 

    Tech Y Tech is a French consulting company specialized in decontamination and treatment processes for effluents and waste. Through its continuous monitoring and expertise, Tech Y Tech allows you to learn about innovative solutions and identify those that will allow you to meet your needs. 2 innovative technologies from SMEs will be presented: a brush EDM process to decontaminate metal surfaces (REUTER Germany) and a solidification product for organic or aqueous liquids (NOCHAR USA).

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