• 30 Nov - 2 Dec 2021
  • Paris-Nord Villepinte


The innovation and expertise of the entire industry

It’s what you’ve been waiting for, and it won’t be long now before the winners are revealed: WNE is proud to present the top innovations, expertise and technological advances of the civil nuclear sector in the four categories of the WNE Awards 2021!

The 2021 edition of the WNE Awards has attracted exceptional interest with 137 projects submitted by more than 80 exhibiting companies from the main markets of the sector (France, Russia, Great Britain, Germany, United States etc.). The enthusiastic support of WNE 2021 exhibitors makes this new edition of the WNE Awards a truly unique and unmissable event for the entire civil nuclear sector.


Even more important in 2021, WNE offers an opportunity to meet face-to-face, to learn about some of the world’s greatest innovations, expand networks and share experiences and know-how with leading players in the international nuclear community.


Know-how, mastery, agility and innovation are the key words for WNE 2021 that encourage the civil nuclear sector to move towards a more responsible and less carbon-intensive world!

This year, the popular WNE Awards ceremony, which traditionally recognises the best innovations in the sector, will take place on Tuesday, 30 November at 5pm, on the exhibition floor in Hall 7 of the Paris Nord Villepinte exhibition centre. Juries composed of the world’s leading experts will award two prizes in each of the four categories, one for large groups and one for SMEs, to ensure that WNE provides maximum exposure for the talents of the world’s civil nuclear sector.    

Focus on nominations for the WNE Awards 2021

Distribution of applications by categories

Profile of participating companies

59% of application files come from Big group & Mid-cap

41% of application files come from SME & Very Small Company



67% of French application files

33% of international application files

14 represented countries: Austria, Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan-China, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States.

 84 applicants companies 

Discover the presidents of the WNE Awards 2021 juries

Atomic Energy High Commissioner CEA


Patrick Landais is a geosciences engineer, with a doctorate in geochemistry (1981) and a state doctorate (1985).

After working for Elf and Cogema, he joined the CNRS in 1987 and became director of research in 1991. In 2001, he was appointed scientific director of Andra, the French national agency for radioactive waste management. In this capacity, he defined scientific policy and strategy and set up partnerships and R&D programmes. For his studies on the feasibility of geological disposal, he was awarded the Grand Prix Dolomieu by the Académie des Sciences in 2013.

In 2005, he became a member of the CNRS steering committee. He returned to Andra in 2006 as director of R&D before becoming scientific director of Brgm in 2013, where he is responsible for developing and implementing strategy and coordinating scientific activities.

In 2016, he joined Andra as Chief Technology Officer, where he is responsible for development, innovation, international relations and knowledge management.

He was appointed High Commissioner for Atomic Energy on 30 January 2019. Patrick Landais has published around 100 scientific articles, is a member of several scientific scientific committees and a Knight of the Legion of Honour and the National Order of Merit.

Veronica GAREA
President of Fundación INVAP



Verónica Garea is a Nuclear Engineer (Instituto Balseiro, Argentina) and holds a MS in Math and a PhD in Engineering Physics (RPI, USA).

She worked at INVAP as a safety, reliability and environmental impact specialist for complex technology systems, including nuclear facilities. She was the head of the Department of Safety and Environmental Impact at INVAP from its creation up to 2014, when she became the Executive Director for Fundación INVAP. Since June 2021, she is the President of Fundación INVAP.

She has collaborated with several IAEA publications and served as expert consultant in international projects. Her current interests include social licensing of nuclear projects in the framework of the climate crisis as well as gender diversity in the nuclear industry. She is currently the vice president of Women in Nuclear Argentina.

Daniella LULACHE
Head of the Office of Policy and Co-ordination at the OCDE-NEA

Ms Daniela Lulache is the Head of Policy and Co-ordination of the Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) since 1 March 2018.

Before joining the NEA, Ms Lulache was Chief Executive Officer of Nuclearelectrica, the only nuclear energy producer in Romania. Under her leadership, the company went through significant transformation and performance improvement, contributing to improved corporate governance, profit increase and international recognition for its excellence in nuclear safety.

Prior to this, she was General Manager and President of the Board of Directors of Fondul Proprietatea (Property Fund), managing the entire activity of the Fund (Euro 4 billion investment fund) including start up, establishment of the corporate structure and corporate governance, investment strategy design and implementation, and portfolio management.

Having worked in the banking and financial industry for over 25 years, Ms Lulache has an extensive and rich experience, holding strategic top management positions throughout the years in both private and state-owned organisations.

Daniela Lulache is a Romanian national and economist by profession, having graduated from the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies.


Mary Alice HAYWARD

  Principal at Hayward Consulting

Mary Alice Hayward was most recently Deputy Director General and Head of the Department of Management at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).In this role, Ms. Hayward led the delivery of financial, human resources, management, administrative, information technology, and general services that enabled the IAEA to successfully deliver its scientific and technical nuclear programs to meet its mandate. Her IAEA Management Accountability Initiative achieved measurable improvements in department staff execution of Agency services while improving performance and organizational culture.

Prior to joining the IAEA, Ms. Hayward was Vice President of Strategy, Government Affairs and Advocacy at AREVA Inc., a subsidiary of AREVA SA (now Orano & Framatome). Ms. Hayward also served with distinction in the U.S. Government for over fifteen years in nuclear non-proliferation and nuclear energy policy areas as Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Nonproliferation Policy and Negotiations at the U.S. Department of State, at the National Security Council as Director for Counter Proliferation Strategy, as well as leading policymaking roles at the Department of Energy and U.S. Senate.

Ms. Hayward has a master’s degree in Political Science from the University of Texas at Austin, and a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and Foreign Languages from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. She also holds a Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Department of Nuclear Sciences and Engineering and National Academy for Nuclear Training Reactor Technology Certificate.

Watch the ceremony and discover the winners of the WNE Awards 2018!


Operational excellence

SMEs Category

What has been the impact of your participation in the Awards?

"Receiving the WNE Operational Excellence award (SME category) was an unexpected and encouraging impulse to improve internally and extend our activity following the same internal methodology that deserved the recognition. Many companies heard about us for the first time thanks to the award and that has allowed us to establish business with new suppliers and customers, extend our geographical presence and as a consequence of all that, grow."

Have you noticed any internal changes in your company following your participation?

"Many! The mindset of the staff (no mater if outside the quality or production depts.) has become even more committed to the “festina lente” method, that is to say, to make things in the right way since the beginning preparing the works to the minimum detail prior to execution.

At the same time, the structure has been adapted to growth and we have physically split the nuclear and the O&G divisions."

What is the business benefit of your participation in the WNE Awards 2018?

"Difficult to calculate. But anyway, the fact is that once we became better known in the market due to the award, we have increased not only our sales and backlog, but also the net of partners, either as suppliers or as customers, with whom we are currently developing new applications of the weld overlay and other welding technologies."

Vila Manuel - CEO


SMEs Category

What has been the impact of your participation in the Awards?

"Our pharmaceutical laboratory entered the world of the nuclear industry as part of the WNE 2018 with the presentation of the CEVIDRA cream to treat radionuclide contamination.

We applied for Nuclear Safety because we felt that our CEVIDRA cream was a real breakthrough in the management of contamination. Receiving the Award immediately allowed us to meet nuclear manufacturers. We received our first orders during the show and also met with partners who wanted to distribute and promote our product in Europe and abroad."

Have you noticed any internal changes in your company following your participation?

"It is always difficult to develop and market a new pharmaceutical product (in this case a medical device) in a niche market because the number of patients is limited and the number of experts are few in number. It was also impossible to conduct pre-market clinical trials on healthy volunteers as is done in the pharmaceutical industry. Our notoriety allowed us to start processing CEVIDRA cream in the INBs a few days after the WNE and to have almost immediately the first results of the decontamination on the employees. We have thus validated the effectiveness of the "in-vivo" treatment and have built our development on these results."

What is the business benefit of your participation at the WNE Awards 2018?

"Our Award has given us a reputation among the public and the media with articles in business newspapers such as Les Echos in France or Nikkei Business Daily in Japan. The award was presented to us by representatives of power plant operators from around the world and has made us a benchmark in the nuclear industry. We are now working with nuclear power plant operators, fuel producers and first-tier subcontractors. We have also developed an activity with the armed forces in the development of countermeasures to manage the risks of nuclear and radiological contamination"

Are you planning to participate in the 2020 Awards? 

"We have new products in development but we are not sure we are ready for June 2020. We will be there if we can present the results of our research."

CEVIDRA Laboratory - Chairman 

Operational excellence

Big group Mid-cap Category

What has been the impact of your participation in the Awards?

"The award given by WNE to ABB for operational excellence concerned Asset Suite (as a product used by more than half of the world's reactors), ABB (a leading company on the energy market) and above all the largest project ever carried out in the world (the implementation of ABB Enterprise Asset Management solutions for EDF's French nuclear and conventional power generation). Project that successfully ended at the end of 2017, only a few months before the WNE 2018.  It was therefore natural to associate EDF with this Award, which we did when we signed a collaboration agreement (MOU) with EDF during the WNE."

Have you noticed any internal changes in your company following your participation?

"First a surprise, then a satisfaction since this award rewards more than 30 years of effort to meet the needs of our nuclear customers. All our teams are therefore associated with it."

What is the business benefit of your participation at the WNE Awards 2018?

"An additional element of differentiation on the market, which has allowed us to get closer to ROSATOM, the winner of the 2016 WNE Operational Excellence Award"

Are you planning to participate in the 2020 Awards? 

"Yes, most likely. The WNE Awards provide an opportunity to highlight ABB's know-how and potentially to make itself known in specific areas related to nuclear energy."

CANNAUD Florence
ABB - Marketing Communication manager