SMR & Advanced Reactors

  • New designs of nuclear reactors - SMRs and Advanced Reactors, Gen IV and beyond


    New nuclear reactor designs and their development progresses are a crucial topic that affects the future of whole electricity production sector.

    What are the advantages they can bring in terms of production or operation costs, fuel consumption, energy efficiency, and nuclear safety?

    These questions will be adressed during WNE thanks to two brand-new lunch debates dedicated to SMRs (June 27th) and Advanced Reactors, Gen IV & beyond (June 28th), animated by the biggest international leaders and decision-makers.

  • Transmutation: a solution for nuclear waste management?


    Alternative nuclear fuels such as thorium could revolutionise not only how we produce energy but also how we deal with nuclear waste. That’s the view of Dr Farah Hariri, a member of International Thorium Energy Committee (iThEC) and a coordinator of energy transition for France’s En Marche movement.




  • Challenges face Gen IV development


    Innovative advanced nuclear technology is ¬moving forward slowly and carefully, reflecting the atmosphere of caution surrounding the industry.

    While the new designs of so-called Generation IV (Gen IV) reactors hold the promise of great improvements in operational safety, efficiency of output and waste toxicity, significant challenges remain before these designs progress beyond demonstrator units.

    Discover our article on this topic!




  • ‘Small’ is big news in nuclear reactors


    Shrinking the scale of nuclear reactors is an idea that has been around for decades. The concept has been applied to nuclear-powered vessels, but has faced hurdles in being accepted for civilian power generation, partly because of public nervousness about nuclear energy and partly for reasons of cost-effectiveness.


    Discover our article on Small Modular Reactors (SMR) below! 




  • Lunch debate on Small Modular Reactors, June 27th


    SMR – Small Modular Reactors – are being developed to pursue economy of scale and more flexibility in the building and the operation of nuclear reactors, but these technologies still raise a lot of questions.

    How competitive will these reactors be in terms of electricity production, how will company deal with the modular design and the prefabrication of components? How can we demonstrate their level of safety, how are they as or more acceptable than current nuclear reactors?

    Our very special nuclear specialists challenged worldwide speakers on these questions. 

    You couldn't attend the debate on WNE? Listen now to

    Tom Mundy of Nuscale, Bernard Salha of EDF, Alan Woods of Rolls Royce, Anton Moskvin of Rosatom, Song Danrong of CNNC, Jae-Seung of Song Smart/KAERI and David Powell of Hitachi GE

    address all these questions about their technologies!








    Lunch debate on Advanced Reactors, Gen IV & beyond, June 28th


    The Generation IV reactors - 6 designs aimed to surpass current designs in sustainability, economics, safety, and reliability and... - are shaping the future of the nuclear industry. Their promises, their challenges, their deployment schedule will be in the center of this exiting debate between their world renewed executives.

     What are the breakthrough and advantages of these designs, what challenges do they bring to the supply chain and how are they financed? What is the economic equation of these projects and what is the maturity of the current designs?

     Many questions that were asked by our nuclear specialists to challenge the international speakers. 
    Discover how

    Bernard Bigot of ITER, Rory O’Sullivan of Moltex Energy, Simon Irish of Terrestrial Energy, Jeffrey C. Harper of X Energy and François Gauché of CEA, Troels Schönfeldt of Seaborg and Vyacheslav Pershukov of Rosatom

    defended their Advanced Reactors Gen IV & beyond on WNE 2018.

  • Discover the WNE exhibitors operating in Advanced Reactors


    ATMEA, Champalle (Groupe Alcen), EDF, EDF Energy, Groupe ADF , MAN Diesel & Turbo SE, Rosatom, Thermocoax and even more!




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