Start Up Planet

  • Innovation is a key issue in the nuclear field.


    Start-ups contribute to innovation by reinventing the field and  reinforcing its excellence and competitivity.


    In 2018, WNE dedicated an area to the new companies of the nuclear field, specially designed to optimize pitches, networking, product demonstrations and new encounters!


    You were able to discover their innovations, talk about their projects, their needs and products or services.


    As a buyer? It was the perfect opportunity to discuss their offers in a one-to-one prescheduled meeting.


    As an investor? June 28th was an opportunity to talk about their perspectives and the partnerships you could build.


                                       DISCOVER THE START-UPS

  • Are you a startup? Take advantage of our turnkey solution

    •  A dynamic dedicated concept


    •  A private booth to increase your visibility


    •  A friendly trade place for demonstrations and live pitchs 


    • Your company promoted to the entire nuclear community


    • Targeted media and non-media communication



  • Come listen to their pitches!

  • List of the Start-ups & slots             Title of thePitch

    ·  AVAROC – France
    Wednesday 27th June 3:00pm-3:10pm

    AVAROC - The SECURIX® dissipating frame: an innovative solution against impacts of flying projectiles and blasting

    ·  DAES – Suisse
    Tuesday 26th June 11:30am- 11:40am

    DAES FEA - Simulation expertise and fully integrated design of nuclear systems

    ·  DAMAVAN IMAGING – France
    Tuesday 26th June 11:40am- 11:50am

    DAMAVAN IMAGING -  Images from time
    A portable Temporal Compton camera for nuclear survey and decommissioning

    ·  NUCLEUS VR – France
    Tuesday 26th June 12:20pm- 12H30pm

    NUCLEUS VR - Unite people and data worldwide in real time with NUCLEUS VR mixed reality collaborative digital twins

    ·  EKOSCAN – France
    Wednesday 27th June 3:10pm- 3:20pm

    EKOSCAN- Ultrasonic control via Bluetooth connection

    ·  ELEMENTS – France
    Tuesday 26th June 11:50pm- 12:00pm

    ELEMENTS - Never lose your electronic equipments again during nuclear operation !

    ·  ENGING – Portugal
    Wednesday 27th June 3:20pm -3:30pm

    ENGING - New way to predict faults in power transformer and electrical motors

    ·  INETIS – France
    Thursday 28th June 11:10am- 11:20am

    INETIS, The intelligent tracker

    ·  RIUM – France
    Wednesday 27th June 3:30pm-3:40pm

    RIUM - A new perspective for radiation protection

    ·  IMMERSIV.IO – France
    Thursday 28th June 11:00am- 11:10am

    IMMERSIV.IO - Bringing CAD models into the real world

    ·  SDS – France
    Wednesday 27th June 3:50pm- 4:00pm

    SDS - A preventative answer to the nuclear and radioactive threat

    ·  INNOWTECH – France
    Thursday 28th June 11:20am - 11:30am

    INNOWTECH - innovative solutions for industrial measurement

    ·  METROSCOPE – France
    Wednesday 27th June 3:40pm - 3:50pm

    METROSCOPE - Diagnosis software for targeted maintenance

    ·  NRW LTD – Bulgaria
    Tuesday 26th June - 12:10pm- 12:20pm

    NRW LTD- The newest, environmentally friendly technologies for decontamination of large equipment and solid waste.

    ·  ROVENSO – Switzerland
    Thursday 28th June 11:30am- 11:40am

    ROVENSO -  Agile robot for challenging terrains and harsh environments

    ·  MIMAC-FastN – France
    Tuesday 26th June 12:00pm- 12:10pm

    MIMAC-FASTn -  a mobile fast neutron spectrometer

    ·  SEABORG – Danemark
    Thursday 28th June 11:40am- 11:50am

    SEABORG TECHNOLOGIES – the Danish nuclear moonshot

    ·  SITEFLOW – France
    Thursday 28th June 11:50am- 12:00pm

    SITEFLOW -  The digital tool to reach operational excellence

    ·  SENSAWEB – Australia
    Wednesday 27th June 4:00pm- 4:10pm

    To be confirmed



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