World Nuclear Exhibition
04-06 November 2025

WNE Connect To Nuclear Program

The ecosystem of WNE is diverse, mining, utilities, waste management, logistics, digital… The range of job opportunities is vast, the level of expertise and training can also vary from one level to another, offering an outstanding potential for whoever is interested to join the nuclear industry and grow within it. We will partner with industry players, clusters, associations, experts of the industry to propose a journey to the nuclear world. We will address ATTRACTIVITY, EMPLOYMENT & TRAINING.

It will be the opportunity to discover, to question, to meet with the actors of this industry. They will be offered a 3 day program to draw their future.

As a company, become sponsor and build this program with us to convey your own messages and strenghten your brand name.

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A tailormade program

We will partner with a large selection of schools:

  • Specialized and non specialized schools.
  • From highschool to master degrees and doctorates 

Students or job seekers will benefit from a tailormade program lasting 3 hours to discover, question and meet actors of the industry.

On the program:

  • A guides tour of the WNE
  • Conferences with experts
  • Testimonials from interns and junior profiles
  • Animations and workshops
  • Advice from HR Directors of the sector
  • Networking with industry players

All the students will be acompagnied by a tutor and their visits will be part of a pre-organized system.

Profile of the students

  • DAY 1 : Post graduate French students - Master & PhD / L3, M1 and M2
  • DAY 2 : Undergraduate French students - Associate or Bachelor degree / Bac Pro, BTS, DUT, L1 and L2
  • DAY 3 : International students and job seekers

Day breakdown - subject to change

16 groups per day - 20 people per group

We expect +1 000 students

Our first partners

Industry partners

Supporting partners

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