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The American Nuclear Society (ANS) is an international professional society, comprised of individual and organization members, who embrace the nuclear sciences and technologies for their vital contributions to improving people’s lives and preserving the planet.

We invite you to join our more than 10,000 members, working throughout 58 countries, who are advancing nuclear science and technology for the benefit of humanity.

ANS membership is open to all and consists of individuals from all walks of life; including engineers, doctors, students, educators, scientists, soldiers, advocates, government employees, and others. ANS will be celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2024!

Our Mission: Advance, foster, and spur the development and application of nuclear science, engineering, and technology to benefit society.

Our Vision: Nuclear technology is embraced for its vital contributions to improving peoples’ lives and preserving our planet.

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Contrôles Essais Mesures is the French reference for communicating with professionals in metrology, non-destructive testing, tomography, optics-photonics and instrumentation. 


The energy sector is in the midst of a transformation. Between the phasing out of fossil fuels, massive investment in low-carbon energy and the rise of terms like “self-generated electricity” and “smart city”, more and more countries are adopting energy policies to further this transition. France is no exception, and neither is the expert energy site “L’Energeek”. Founded in 2012, L’Energeek is committed to covering, as in-depth as possible, the daily news from the energy sector. The site has a particular focus on the nuclear energy sector, from both an international and national perspective. Strengthened by our community of experts, seasoned contributors and a strong social media community, we have come to serve as a daily source of information for a heterogenous group of readers: specialists, professionals or even amateurs who want to learn more about the energy sector. Welcome to L’Energeek, which will decipher all the latest energy news for you!


Engineer Live is the leading website for engineers across the disciplines of design, process, electronics, energy, power, transport and renewables. A team of experienced writers update the site every day with news and opinion about the latest developments in technology together with working reports from the major engineering projects around the world.


Industriaquimica.es is a portal specialized in the chemical industry sector. It provides technical contents about process, instrumentation and control, equipment selection, waste treatment, maintenance, safety, etc.

Industriaquimica.es is updated daily, providing its readers and users with the latest and most detailed information on the industry processes: oil and gas production; refining and petrochemicals, chemicals, cement, paper and cellulose, etc., with relevant news that contributes to strategic decision-making.

The portal IndustriaQuimica.es is part of one of the communication solutions for the chemical industry sector proposed by INFOEDITA Comunicación Profesional.


‘Industrial Weekly: Russian Nuclear Technologies’


‘Industrial Weekly: Russian Nuclear Technologies’ is a special international project of United Industrial Publishing (UIP), the biggest Russian publishing house of industrial and economy professional B2B mass media. First edition — newspaper ‘Industrial weekly’ (‘Promyshlenny Ezhenedelnik’), was been in circulation since 2002 and has become a multi-purpose inter-industry platform for Russian industrialists and government representatives. Also UIP makes several newspapers for business leaders of the industry, the magazine ‘Military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation’ (for managers of enterprises of the defense complex, Russian), magazine ‘Russian Aviation & Military Guide’ (dedicated to the export of Russian companies, English), the magazine ‘Russian municipal practice’, and others.

‘Industrial Weekly’ is special-purpose information-analytical project which presents most promising export projects, innovations, investments potentials of the Russian industry and energy sector for the international markets. ‘Industrial Weekly’ obliges informational supports to international and Russian exhibitions and forums devoted to various issues of industrial policy. ‘Industrial Weekly’ realizes business expansion on the mass-media field at global associations, meetings and union. The different editions of ‘Industrial Weekly’ were released in China, India, Germany, France, Italy and other countries.


Intechbrew Innovative technologie for the nuclear industry

Contrary to some preconceived ideas, innovative solutions and technologies are numerous in the nuclear power industry. What is sorely lacking is a global visibility of new technologies, proven and ready to use in these environments. Innovations that would be very useful to nuclear professionals who unfortunately do not know about them, often unaware of the technologies developed outside their own corner of the world. The inTechBrew newsletter is offering you a mean to optimise your scouting strategy.

With a wide perspective of the global trends and a clear understanding of the industry’s challenges, inTechBrew is designed to connect innovators and challenge-owners interested in proven solutions. It will help the nuclear professionals in the sector who want to be aware of new solutions, it will give them an edge for a competitive tender or to directly support in accelerating their nuclear projects.

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La Revue Polytechnique

More than 120 years at the service of businesses!

Founded in 1898, the Revue POLYTECHNIQUE publishes multi-purpose, current and concrete technical and scientific information for all those involved in technology and applied sciences. Particularly appreciated by company managers and buyers who wish to broaden their knowledge, this indispensable journal circulates even in workshops and universities.

The Revue POLYTECHNIQUE has a monthly circulation of 2500 copies.

Every month, its 8,000 readers in Switzerland and around the world place their trust in the editorial reputation of the magazine, which has proven its worth over more than a century.

This publication, which is among the most widely read technical journals in Switzerland, offers the best market penetration in French-speaking Switzerland for advertisers wishing to give their advertisements the best chances of being seen and read.


Mercadoindustrial.es is a multisectoral meeting point. We publish news, interviews and articles with technical and professional content.

The sectors that are the subject of our content are: logistics, machine tools, software, hardware, robotics, automation, energy, maintenance and auxiliary companies.

Mercadoindustrial.es, combined with Corempresa (RSC) and Talentoynegocio (Management), offers a vision from three different angles of the business panorama in Spain. Mibizpress Editorial Online is the brand that groups the three publications. 


NewsEnergy.ro is a Romanian independent media platform, whose mission is to better inform the audience about the most important local and global news from the energy sector.

Our focus is on climate change and technological innovations, but also on geopolitics.

Our principles are to be committed to our readers and to deliver them only the best information, documented with honesty and nobias.

Our core values are: integrity, credibility, responsibility and independence.

For details, please check www.newsenergy.ro.

NBN Media

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) contribute up to 45% of total employment and up to 33% of national income (GDP) in emerging economies. But SMEs face unique challenges: 3 out of 5 businesses fail within the first few months of operation. Causes to the failure include limited market access, limited access to information, finances and technology, and unfavorable policy and regulatory environment.

NBN mission is to create a business network between the players in the mature markets with the future leaders of the industry in the emerging markets.

We prospect, promote, and inform all the stakeholders in the energy, water, construction, and petrochemical sectors for the benefit and growth of NBN members.


Published continuously since 1956, Nuclear Engineering International (NEI) is widely acknowledged as the world’s leading international B2B journal serving the global nuclear community, providing technical insight behind the news headlines for all aspects of civil nuclear power generation and its related supply chains. News, analysis and in-depth articles cover topics from front-end fuel cycle to power plant operations and decommissioning. In addition to technical subjects, we also examine market developments, economics, government policy and management issues.

Nuclear España

www.revistanuclear.es is the official site of the Spanish Nuclear Society (SNE), a non-profit scientific and technical association, founded in 1974. It is the unique information site for Spanish-speaking nuclear sector professionals, also with English contents, for the global energy community offering the latest nuclear industry news.

Its content (articles, interviews, news, papers, etc.) is updated periodically.

www.revistanuclear.es offers the best information to professionals working in nuclear power plants, electrical and engineering companies, industry, construction and assembly companies, public agencies, universities and medical and research centers.


Published by the American Nuclear Society (ANS) since 1959, Nuclear News is recognized worldwide as the flagship trade publication covering the nuclear industry. Monthly issues highlight the latest innovations and technologies or developments related to plant operations, maintenance and security; policy and legislation; international developments; research and nonpower applications; food irradiation; nuclear medicine; space nuclear applications; waste management and fuel; and business and contract award news.

Nuclear Newswire is your daily go-to web page for original content and breaking news from the worldwide nuclear community. Sign up for free to receive our Friday email recap of the top trending stories from each week. Visit www.ans.org/news.

We offer many print and digital advertising opportunities to help deliver your marketing message and corporate capabilities to our global network of more than 40,000 subscribers. Join the more than 600 worldwide companies who have a free listing in our annual Buyers Guide/nuclear products-services-suppliers directory. Visit www.ans.org/advertising





Radwaste Solutions was started by the American Nuclear Society (ANS) in 1994 out of industry demand to provide expanded coverage of the fastest growing segments of the nuclear field—worldwide decommissioning and waste management activities.

Published biannually in the Spring and Fall, the magazine covers the business, science, and technology of radwaste throughout the United States as well as activities outside of the U.S. This specialty magazine publishes feature articles related to the generation, handling, treatment, cleanup, transportation, storage, and disposal of radioactive waste.

Radwaste Solutions also publishes an annual Buyers Guide (combined with the Fall issue) in which companies working within this specialized segment of the nuclear field can create a free listing indicating all of their areas of expertise. Print and digital advertising is also accepted to further promote your capabilities to our global network of decision-makers.

Learn more at www.ans.org/rs.

Nuclear Plant Journal

Nuclear Plant Journal is a United States based publication established in 1983.
The objectives of Nuclear Plant Journal are:

To provide educational and technical information exchange among managers and engineers in the nuclear power industry worldwide.

To promote trade among nuclear energy-related organizations in the United States and worldwide.

To promote research and development to ensure safe, efficient, and proliferation proof nuclear energy in the world.


NucNet is a Brussels-based independent news agency and information network for the global nuclear industry. 

NucNet operates a 24/7 service reporting the facts behind key nuclear issues such as safety and security, radiation impact and protection, and the complexities of national and international nuclear energy policies. NucNet was created in 1990 with the support of the European Nuclear Society as a response to the growing need for both accurate and rapid information about nuclear energy. At NucNet's Central Office in Brussels, journalists and researchers analyse information, check the facts, and produce verified news and information bulletins that are sent to subscribers by email. For more information see www.nucnet.org



Radioprotection, magazine of the French Society of Radiation Protection publishes articles on all aspects of radiological protection, including non-ionising as well as ionising radiations. Fields of interest range from research, development and theory to operational matters, education and training. The very wide spectrum of its topics includes (theoretical and practical aspects): dosimetry, instrument development, specialized measuring techniques, epidemiology, biological effects (in vivo and in vitro) and risk and environmental impact assessments.





The RGN, the reference magazine for nuclear energy in France


Created by Sfen in 1975, the Revue Générale Nucléaire (RGN) is a bimonthly publication of a scientific and technical nature, whose vocation is to bring knowledge in all areas of nuclear energy in France and around the world.

The RGN is headed by the Director of Communication of the Sfen* who brings together for each issue an editorial committee bringing together representatives of nuclear energy.

* Sfen: An association of women and men to advance nuclear power Present in France and internationally, Sfen's mission is to develop the knowledge of all those interested in nuclear energy.


Today there is no shortage of information on issues related to energy – magazines, newsletters, national newspapers, email newsletters, dedicated internet sites – the list goes on. Yet in this age of information overload, most professionals still take the time to read their favourite daily newspaper. The Energy Industry Times is a monthly newspaper dedicated to providing forward-looking reporting on the key issues driving this exciting sector. At last, an easy way to keep abreast of the latest news in the power and energy sectors – from a source you can trust.

L'Usine Nouvelle

L'Usine nouvelle est un magazine hebdomadaire français de presse écrite du Groupe Industrie Services Info (GISI) sur les thèmes de l'économie et des technologies dans le monde industriel.

L'Usine Nouvelle traite de l'actualité, de l'évolution des marchés, des tendances, de veille technologique et de veille concurrentielle du monde de la production industrielle.