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Asian Power is the definitive publication for the power generation, transmission and distribution industry in the Asia Pacific region. Each issue is packed with the latest news and issues, innovative software and IT solutions, market trend analyses, expert insights on pertinent issues, columns, and special country reports. Asian Power offers print magazine, website and newsletters services to provide an excellent platform to reach elite level decision makers.
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Contrôles Essais Mesures, the magazine of testing technologies and applications for laboratories and industry. In each issue, CEM gives full and reliable news about industry today. Industry 4.0, big data, tests & measurements, each topic is part of our pages. Market, managers' interviews, meet on the ground, technical focus and experts' opinions make the heart of Contrôles Essais Mesures. This magazine is the French reference in metrology, NDT, electronics, photonics and instrumentation. Contrôles Essais Mesures is the only French magazine with NDT pages in each issue.


Energy Business Review is a well established online knowledge portal for the global energy community offering the latest nuclear industry news. We have an audience of over one million users a year in addition to more than 150,000 registered, opt-in subscribers across the group. For the latest nuclear industry & supplier news and to get access to a vast archive of technical papers, or to sign up to our free newsletter.


The energy sector is in the midst of a transformation. Between the phasing out of fossil fuels, massive investment in low-carbon energy and the rise of terms like “self-generated electricity” and “smart city”, more and more countries are adopting energy policies to further this transition. France is no exception, and neither is the expert energy site “L’Energeek”. Founded in 2012, L’Energeek is committed to covering, as in-depth as possible, the daily news from the energy sector. The site has a particular focus on the nuclear energy sector, from both an international and national perspective. Strengthened by our community of experts, seasoned contributors and a strong social media community, we have come to serve as a daily source of information for a heterogenous group of readers: specialists, professionals or even amateurs who want to learn more about the energy sector. Welcome to L’Energeek, which will decipher all the latest energy news for you!


Energyworld is a bimonthly magazine, published in English, about energy in Southeastern Europe and Eastern Mediterranean. It is the No1 leading medium in energy affairs. Energyworld identifies, records and analyzes all Energy developments in the Region. The Energyworld magazine has an active role in this effort covering opinions, observations, essays, reportages, interviews, legal issues and inspiration. Energyworldmag.com is also a dynamic and exciting website for Energy, Renewables & Environment. It is one of the most important and dedicated B2B energy publications. Positioned as an online magazine, it offers complete, dynamic, creative, rich and updated valuable material dedicated exclusively to energy market, for investment opportunities and legislation. The Energyworld magazine and website are the necessary advisory tools for the political and business world.


Engineer Live is the leading website for engineers across the disciplines of design, process, electronics, energy, power, transport and renewables. A team of experienced writers update the site every day with news and opinion about the latest developments in technology together with working reports from the major engineering projects around the world.


In charge of the economic and technical interests of the trade associations which it gathers and their adherent companies, the Federation of the Mechanical engineering industries (FIM) aims to help the mechanics to conceive, to produce and sell in France and to develop on the whole of the international markets. It ensures, in the French plans, European and world, the defense and the promotion of this major sector of French industry. Accompanying the companies in their collective concerns, the FIM brings also solutions to them in the management of their daily problems.


Future Power Technology is the essential reading material for decision-makers in the power industry, bringing you the latest news and insights in an exciting, interactive format. Produced by a team of experienced editors and contributors, this monthly magazine brings together in-depth analysis of key issues affecting the energy industry – from energy policy to market trends – and the latest technological developments from all areas of power generation and distribution, including fossil fuels and nuclear power, established and experimental renewable power sources, as well as transmission, energy storage and smart grids.


«Industrial Weekly» is one of the international projects of the United Industrial Edition — Russia's largest publishing house of industrial media. «Industrial Weekly» is special-purpose information-analytical project which presents most promising export projects, innovations, investments potentials of the Russian industry and energy sector for the international markets. The different editions of «Industrial Weekly» were released in China, India, Germany, France, Italy and  other countries.


Innovation challenges to industrial competitiveness

Innovation Review is a professional monthly report decoding the innovation strategies and challenges for major groups, innovative companies, research laboratories to provide you with intelligence and support in your search for technology partners


Maintenance & Entreprise - Services to industry provides essential information in all key industry Sectors where the maintenance is a strategic function.

In each issue : news of the Maintenance function, reports on sites industrials of production, interviews and meetings with professional actors Maintenance sector, and all information on the products and services providers That Facilitate the practice daily of the maintenance


Established for almost 50 years, Modern Power Systems is a recognised International authority throughout the world of electricity generation, transmission and distribution. With an impressive print circulation of 11,750 decision-makers and influencers across 120 countries plus an additional 8,000 digital subscribers, the publication is edited by the highly-respected industry expert, James Varley. Covering all fuel types (Renewables, Gas, Biomass, Nuclear, Gas and Coal) ranging from large centralised power stations to distributed generation in residential micro-combined heat and power units, Modern Power Systems is renowned for reporting and analysing the latest news and industry developments to the global power industry. In addition to the monthly publication, the Modern Power Systems product range includes the annual Turbine Technology Directory and a comprehensive range of digital marketing opportunities.


Since the first issue in April 1956, Nuclear Engineering International has provided technical insight behind the news headlines for the entire civil nuclear power industry, from uranium mining to deep geological waste disposal: not just radwaste but also fuel delivery; not just new-build but also decontamination and decommissioning; not just the reactor, but the entire nuclear power station out to the switchyard. We also independently compile and publish quarterly statistics of performance of most nuclear power plants, worldwide. And we offer exclusive comment from Steve Kidd, an authoritative (well-known) industry advocate.”


Journal of the Spanish Nuclear Society

"Nuclear España" is the monthly Journal of the Spanish Nuclear Society (SNE). It has now been published for more than 28 years, since July 1982.

Public of "Nuclear España" is as follows:

- All members of the Spanish Nuclear Society (more than 1.300).

- Sector companies: nuclear power plants, electric companies, engineering firms, industry, maintenance, erection and service, radiation protection, etc.

- Universities.

- Research centers.

"Nuclear España" is distributed in Spain, other countries of the EU, America, Asia and Africa.


Published by the American Nuclear Society since 1959, Nuclear News is the flagship trade publication serving the worldwide nuclear power industry. Every month our magazine reaches more than 11,000 nuclear science and technology professionals working throughout 58 countries. News reports cover plant operations, maintenance, security, international developments, waste management, fuel, and industry. To date, more than 1,600 companies and organizations have purchased over 38,000 advertising pages to help keep the nuclear field informed about their products and services, conferences and events, or employment opportunities to our international readership. We invite you to advertise your nuclear-related capabilities or subscribe to help stay informed: www.ans.org/NN

"Energy-mixes for carbon neutrality"

March 14, 2019 8:30am-18:30pm Conseil supérieur du Notariat 60 boulevard de la Tour Maubourg 75007 Paris

In France, energy in all its forms contributes nearly 80% to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The urgent need to combat these GHGs to limit the effects of climate change is now widely recognized. But the countries of the European Union have extremely heterogeneous energy mixes, and likewise for CO2 emissions in absolute terms as compared to the number of inhabitants.

So, what complementarities exist in the energy mix between the countries of the Union? What investments and regulations to promote these complementarities? What is the link between energy consumption, energy availability and economic growth? In the field of energy, how to make choices on technologies in constant evolution? In the face of investments to be mobilized, how to arbitrate on the scale of a country, a region, the world?

We will try to answer all these questions at this conference focused on energy and climate.


Potencia is the reference magazine about machinery for public works, infrastructures, construction and excavation. This pioneering publication is endorsed by more than 600 issues and 55 years of history. In addition, Potencia is the organizer of the main machinery awards in Spain.


POWER is the one brand that addresses all generation technologies and fuels across North America and around the world, providing insight into this increasingly complex industry. Established in 1882, it is dedicated to providing its global audience with exclusive analysis of the latest trends, best practices, and power generation projects through several platforms, including print, digital, and in person. POWER equips generation professionals and those who support them with the resources they need to make informed decisions that power the future.


Power Info Today is a leading business to business arena designed for the Power and Energy sector, representing the most advanced Industry Information as it allows our members to reach both ends of the facility procurement chain. Power Info Today features the latest news, Industry reports, research Insight, market moves, techno trends, case studies, articles, Interviews on the various spectrum within the sector. Power Info Today is categorized into Solar, Wind, Tidal, Hydroelectric, Nuclear, Thermal, Oil & Gas, Renewable, energy efficient and many more. For more details please email to james@powerinfotoday.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/showcase/power-info-today

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PowerInfoToday/


Power World Analysis is dedicated to bringing you the latest news and updates under Energy and Power Sector. We keep industry professionals and decision makers informed about this fast and dynamic Energy and Power market and enable them to make strategic decisions.

Variety of online marketing services and promotional activities through Power World Analysis help companies to reach to their target audience and creates brand awareness. We also deliver weekly newsletter to our subscribers.

For subscribing to our weekly e-newsletter services please visit www.powerworldanalysis.com/subscribe

Email address: info@powerworldanalysis.com


Radioprotection, magazine of the French Society of Radiation Protection publishes articles on all aspects of radiological protection, including non-ionising as well as ionising radiations. Fields of interest range from research, development and theory to operational matters, education and training. The very wide spectrum of its topics includes (theoretical and practical aspects): dosimetry, instrument development, specialized measuring techniques, epidemiology, biological effects (in vivo and in vitro) and risk and environmental impact assessments.


Reference journal of the nuclear industry for more than 40 years, the Revue Général Nucléaire decrypts the news of the sector in France and abroad in all its dimensions: economic, industrial, societal and scientific.

In each issue, discover the women and men who shape the contours of tomorrow's nuclear power, the latest innovations, trends, and the impact of public and political decisions on the sector. Available online and in print, the RGN is intended for all nuclear professionals.


The Electricity Forum serves the North American electrical industry as a leading source of innovative information technologies, through our publishing, conference/technical training and internet portal activities. We are engaged in a broad range of information projects designed to engage the electrical industry: utility and non-utility power producers, electrical professionals working in industrial, commercial and institutional power consuming companies; consulting engineers and electrical contractors.


Today there is no shortage of information on issues related to energy – magazines, newsletters, national newspapers, email newsletters, dedicated internet sites – the list goes on. Yet in this age of information overload, most professionals still take the time to read their favourite daily newspaper. The Energy Industry Times is a monthly newspaper dedicated to providing forward-looking reporting on the key issues driving this exciting sector. At last, an easy way to keep abreast of the latest news in the power and energy sectors – from a source you can trust.