They will attend WNE 2016

  • Françoise Flament

  • Françoise Flament, Head of ITER Procurement & Contract Division


  • " If you are interested in human capacity building, we invite you to come and meet us on our booth at WNE 2016 ! "

    Yves Fanjas, President of I2EN, International Institute of Nuclear Energy



  • "I'm proud to say that we are coming to Paris in June with 15 of our top suppliers...We will, all, be at WNE in Paris!"

    Ron Oberth, President and CEO of Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries


  • "I am very happy to take part of the 2nd World Nuclear Exhibition and to chair the Operational Excelllence Award..."

    Jacques Regaldo, Chairman of WANO

  • Jekaterina Saikkonen

  • “WNE 2014 was the biggest nuclear business related event where I have participated. I was very surprise of the amount of foreign visitors…”

    Jekaterina Saikkonen, Project Manager at FinNuclear

  • Anita Miault

  • “James Walker was in WNE 2014: great experience, amazing organization, platform of knowledge, platform of network and we are back for 2016!...”

    Anita Miault from James Walker

  • WNE 2016 Happy New Year

  • A word from Laurence Gaborieau, WNE Director and Gérard Kottmann, AIFEN & WNE President


  • Takuya Hattori

  • "Last year I attended to WNE 2014 and this was very impressive and huge. And so many manufacturers, component suppliers that gathers. It is a very good timing to talk to each other..."

    Takuya Hattori, former President of JAIF (Japanese Atomic Industrial Forum)


  • Stephane Jeanneteau

  • "We attended WNE 2014 edition, it was a great international nuclear business event, a kind of unique occasion to meet in a single occasion all our customers..."

    Stéphane Jeanneteau, Power Generation Division Executive VP, Valinox Nucléaire


  • Tim Echols

  • "I came to the last WNE and I can't wait to go back to Paris to participate in the exhibition again..."

    Tim Echols, Commissioner of Georgia Public Service Commission

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