• Arthur de Montalembert - AREVA

  • "The success of WNE’s first edition demonstrated the capability of our industry to gather worldwide key actors and decision makers. That unique opportunity to meet the entire supply-chain and develop business bodes well for the future."

  • David Blee - NIC (USA)

  • "Based on the success of its inaugural run, the WNE is now established as a ‘can’t miss’ event for the global nuclear energy industry. The event met and exceeded all USA Pavilion expectations and we look forward to bigger and better things in 2016."

  • Pal kovacs - EnergyPaks NPP (Hungary)

  • "Let me emphasize again and again that the nuclear industry globally can only congratulate Mr. Kottmann for the excellent organization of such an outstanding event we had this week in Paris. The policy frame and players (the former French president and the current prime minister), the debates/round tables and the participants were just perfect! Such a great event I haven't seen since the early 90-ies. After 20 years it was the first time when a nuclear expert could feel really proud of this industry! The WNE was a real success - thank you for it! I hope that someday we could continue. I am really interested in continuing."




  • Michael McGough – Nuscale Power (USA)


    "We are delighted to be here as part of the first World Nuclear Exhibition. In the 35 years that I have been in the nuclear business, I have been to hundreds of conferences domestically and internationally and I find this to be an outstanding opportunity to make new friends and to renew the contact with old friends. In the last 3 days, I have met many new prospective customers for our reactor design and many people who are interested in participating with us to change the world for Nuclear. So I look forward to more opportunities to be a part of future exhibitions like this and I can congratulate your success."

  • Debbie Huston - Rolls Royce

  • "For Rolls Royce, WNE has been a great success. We had very high expectations and it exceeds these expectations; we are very impressed with the quality of the exhibitors, we have met some important customers and for us it is a great return on investment. For next time, for sure Rolls Royce will take a part."


  • Sheriffah Noor Khamseah Al-Idid bt Dato' Syed Ahmad Idid – Innovation and Nuclear Advocate



    "Dear Dr Gerard Kottmann,

    It was a pleasure meeting you at the inaugural World Nuclear Exhibition (WNE) in France recently as a participant of the IAEA's Fellowship on Supply Chain management organized jointly with AREVA, EDF and INSTN. May I congratulate you on your vision and leadership that had resulted in the GREAT SUCCESS of the WNE 2014. Many attendees had commented it was one of the best nuclear showcases they had attended. In particular the gathering of the "movers and shakers of the nuclear power sector" including the former President of the French Republic, CEO AREVA, CEO EDF and Lord Hutton of NIA UK amongst others had made the panel discussions so informative and interesting. The Past President's, Mr. Valery Giscard d’Estaing, sharing of his vision and commitment to developing and promoting nuclear power in France was truly inspiring and it is indeed testimony that strong leadership, vision and commitment from the nation's top leader is an important prescription for success in introducing and sustaining a safe and secure Nuclear Power Programme (NPP) as is evident from the French NPP."

  • Ricardo Corrêa - NUCLEP (Brazil)

  • "It’s an amazing exhibition. I am really impressed with the volume of business opportunities that we are seeing here. We have been making a lot of contacts with French and all of the companies abroad so it is very important to have been here. [ …] Thank you very much for the opportunity to be here."

  • Celeste Pendlebury - Cameco

  • "I just want to congratulate the organizers of this wonderful event.  It is the best attended nuclear event I've ever participated in anywhere in the world."

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