Business opportunities

  • Wednesday, October 15th / 2.00 pm - 5.00 pm: Business opportunities

  • Presentation of the needs and the business opportunities
    of the following organizations

    Room 3 / Hall 2C


    2.00-3.00 pm: AIEA: Business opportunities with Austrian International organizations, such as AIEA 
    - S.E. Madam Marion Paradas, Ambassador, Premanente French representative towards International Organizations in Wien
    - Madam Christina Denale, procurement Manager, AIEA
    - Madam Magali Voisin-Ratelle, International organizations department manager
    - M. Frédéric Journès (CEA-DRI), Governor of France at AIEA
    - Madam Julie Oddou, Nuclear Councellor, AIEA
    - M. Jean-Christophe Bonté, Nuclear Attaché, AIEA


    3.00-3.30 pm: Turkish authorities: Turkey’s Perspective on Nuclear energy
    - M. Necati Yamaç, Head of Nuclear Project Department, Ministry of Energy and Natural Ressources, Turkey


    3.30-4.00 pm: ENEC: UAE Nuclear Power Projects
    Andrew Champ, Business Development Director, ENEC

    4.00-4.30 pm: UKTI - United Kingdom Trade and Investment: Nuclear opportunities in the UK
    - Ron Cameron, Nuclear UKTI Specialist
    - Alain Chevalier, Campaign Director, Clean Energy Europe, AMEC

    4.30-5.00 pm: The Project ITER: General presentation and industrial participation
    - Michel Claessens, Head of Communication and external relations, ITER

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