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  • Innovation Planet: the power of the innovation in the nuclear industry

  • SFEN - May, 18th of 2016

    Open innovation, agile software developments, fab labs or hackathons: how the nuclear industry appropriates these new trends to foster innovation? Focus on six pioneering firms that will be present on WNE 2016 Innovation Planet.

    For many years, nuclear supply chain focuses on innovation and new technologies implementation in many operations. Thus, AREVA’s RIANA (Robot for Investigations and Assessments of Nuclear Areas) is able to operate in the nuclear area to perform mapping operations, collect samples or measure radiation. SUSI, small remote-controlled submarine - also developed by AREVA – sails in the primary circuit of  

    nuclear power plants and assesses the safety level of the internal components through visual and ultrasonic examination. In Japan, Toshiba set up a robot that will extract the assemblies from the storage pool of the reactor 3 of the Fukushima Daiichi power plant.

    Innovation is also increasingly inspired from everyday life. Smart devices, 3D modeling especially used in video games now inspires the nuclear industry. Companies on the Innovation Planet prove it.

  • Focus on six pioneering companies present on the innovation Planet

  • In March 2011, Vladimir Elin formulated for the first time the idea of integrating a dosimeter/radiometer to the mobile/smart phone. With this initial idea, simple but brilliant, he starts the DO-RA Project development, dosimeter-radiometer to be plugged into the audio jack on a smartphone, tablet or laptop using IOS, Android or other network operating systems. DO-RA enables to measure and monitor the environmental radiation situation.

    French manufacturer of ultrasonic equipment for non-destructive testing, EKOSCAN innovates every day to meet not only of the nuclear industry needs but also aeronautics, metallurgy or even refinery and spatial sectors’. The company has developed a wide range of products using technologies, especially Bluetooth, to convert smartphone or tablets into real ultrasonic boards.


    Manzalab creates serious games, formerly designed for military training and now used to train the industry workers. The start-up also offers interviews simulators. The company develops its own technologies and addresses all types of devices (PC offline or online, social networks, mobile phones, touchpads…). It invented REPLICA, conversational intelligent engine for behavioral training. Big companies and institutions such as the Direction Générale de l'Armement (equivalent to the French Defense Procurement Agency) trusts Manzalab and its virtual reality expertise.

    Other digital and 3D scanning champion: SolideXpress works for Quantic Dream qtudios and Sony Computer Entertainment with whom it collaborates to developed the game Beyond: two souls for the PS3. Far away from Californian studios, SolideXpress creates all sizes prototypes and apply its 3D modeling expertise to long-terms logistic needs of EDF several nuclear power plants, helping them with their sites building.

    Some companies are exclusively operating in the nuclear industry: Moltex Energy is dedicated to Stable Salt Reactors. Their rectangular cores can be extended module by module to create reactors from 150MW to 1500MW power. Several countries are already interested in this technology: negotiations are ongoing with Canadian and French Nuclear Safety Authorities. Indians also trust the company. Ian Scott, Scientist in biology and John Durham, active philanthropic environmentalist who found the British company, already know that their reactors will produce a safer, cleaner, cheaper and endless energy.

    X-ingénierie is specialized in the fire safety. Expert in this field for over than 20 years, the company operates in the industry, especially in the nuclear field. It provides project owner assistance from study to industrial setting and maintenance. Its solutions has already been integrated and proven in the nuclear industry with specific products such as overheating zones monitoring or dismantling air locks.


  • If some people still thinks that nuclear is an « energy from the past», it is now obvious than its strong innovation capability, continuously increasing, is actually an asset for many years to come.    

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