Connectwave by CNRFID

  • The CNRFID patners with the World Nuclear Exhibition

  • Promoting innovation is a key part of WNE 2016.  

    The CNRFID partnership will include coordinating a dedicated innovation area with Connectwave, its experimentation and test platform for Professional Smart Objects. Connectwave® is a true industrial technology showcase designed for everyone involved in deploying contactless solutions (from suppliers to purchasers, etc.) across all sectors (luxury goods, aeronautics, retail, etc.).

  • About French National RFID Center

  • The French National RFID Center (CNRFID) was founded in 2008 by the French Ministry for the Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs, with the aim of facilitating the deployment of contactless technologies (RFID and NFC).

    The CNRFID is recognised for its expertise and brings together some 150 national and international players in the field of contactless technologies.

    It has played a key role in national and international standardisation committees for several years.

    The CNRFID is part of one of the 9 French industrial solutions which make up the “Industry of the Future” project on the use of Smart Objects, and has set up two working groups to promote the deployment of contactless solutions for the luxury goods and energy sectors. It also coordinates the ITGDO programme (Identification, Traceability and Digital Geolocation of Objects in the Aerospace industry value chain), bringing together major aeronautical accounts in order to implement common, standardised interoperable solutions.

    The CNRFID has now launched Connectwave, the Smart object experience and test platform, with a view to transferring the innovation of Smart Objects from one business sector to another and from the general public to professional applications. This concept has been selected as one of the three main innovation hubs for French Tech Aix-Marseille.

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  • 5 applications for Smart Objects

  • Smart tools

    Tools are entering the Smart Object age, offering a precise and automated overview of real inventory levels, tool availability and the location of equipment sent off for maintenance.  

     Smart supply chain

    Processes are being optimised without burdensome human and financial investment thanks to the automatic detection of product status and of the movement of items in the production chain.  

     Smart screen

    Smart screens communicate with all smart objects (telephones, cards, watches, etc.) and create new client possibilities (e.g. direct access to coupons via their smartphone)  

     Critical temperature monitoring

    Smart temperature sensors offer simple and round-the-clock proof of a product’s temperature thanks to communication between the sensor and smartphone, thereby facilitating liability transfer.  

     IoT for the supply chain

    Connect objects for optimal management of mobile assets and goods.  

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