• Workshops programme

  • workshopOrganized by exhibitors, workshops are both a technical session and a networking plateform connecting professionals from the sector. They will take place in areas (workshop 1 and workshop 2), each workshop consists of two parts:
    a 30-minute presentation on a technical, industrial or innovation topic,
    a 30-minute networking session enabling informal exchanges between the participants.

    All workshops will be presented in ENGLISH except those indicated with an asterisk* which will be in FRENCH.

  • Tuesday, June 28th

  • Workshop 1

    Workshop 2

  • 1.00 pmCYBERNETIX 
    Maestro CyXpro ® Robotic and Remote Handling process : Industrial experience in Hot Cells

    1.30 pm: CNIM
    Development of ACP1000 IRWST Filtering System for Hualong-1: a concept addressing the highest technical & environmental requirements

    02.00 pm: AREVA
    NPP Operating & Maintenance Cost Optimization: The AREVA Value Alliance Approach

    02.30 pm: CGN
    How to build a Nuclear Power Project in Control (safety, cost, schedule…)

    03.00 pm: EDF

    03.30 pm: CNNC
    In-Service Inspection for Multiple Type NPP in China

    04.00 pm: ASSYSTEM

    1.00 pm: ATOS
    Nuclear Information & Control Refurbishment Dungeness B DPCS: a Success Story

    1.30 pm: OAKRIDGE
    Simulators of Nuclear Power Plants - Innovations for process modeling

    02.00 pm: NIKKEIKIN
    Neutron Absorber MAXUS® and Structural Absorber for Dry Cask and Spent Fuel Pool Storage

    02.30 pm: ROSATOM

    03.00 pm: CEA

    03.30 pm: ANDRA
    To an overall optimization of decommissioning waste management: the part of the national radioactive  waste management agency

    04.00 pm: ENGIE INEO
    ITINEO : a solution for cable routing and management of cables and cable trays

  • Wednesday, June 29th

  • Workshop 1

    Workshop 2

  • 9.30 am : NUVIA
    Topic soon available

    10.00 am: BESSE *
    « Nuclear Suppliers Liability Insurance »: Industrialists in the nuclear sector, beware of the preconceived ideas.

    10.30 am: ROLLS ROYCE

    11.00 am: GETINGE - LA CALHENE
    A 21st century remote manipulator: the MT200 TAO programme. Experience feedback and future perspectives

    11.30 am: VALLOUREC
    Inspectability of the bent portion of Steam Generator tubes

    12.00 am: ATMEA
    Features and perspectives of the ATMEA 1 reactor, a proven reactor

    2.00 pm: AREVA
    Enhancing Nuclear Operators’ performances through optimized use of scarce resources

    2.30 pm

    3.00 pm
    : EDF

    3.30 pm
    : SETEC

    4.00 pm
    : EDF

    4.30 pm: SCHNEIDER
    Improvement of the maintenance and renovation of electrical systems within a nuclear sites

    5.00 pm: ERVOR

    9.30 am : ADF in partnership with GIP NO*
    The reliability of Human Intervention, an asset for nuclear professionals

    10.00 am: WESTINGHOUSE
    Decommissioning Challenges: From Pre-Shutdown to Green Field

    10.30 am: APAVE

    11.00 am: BOCCARD

    11.30 am: VDM METALS

    12.00 am: AFCEN

    2.00 pm: ENDEL ENGIE
    Innovation for safety and performance in nuclear services

    2.30 pm:
    Narrow Groove TIG Hot Wire welding machine for nozzle welds of nuclear reactors

    3.00 pm: CEA

    3.30 pm
    : GNMS
    Presentation of an Industrial and reliable method to manage the Internal cleanliness and surface roughness measurement for the nuclear pipes

    4.00 pm: VEOLIA

    4.30 pm: ASCOT *
    Acoustic emissions and monitoring contribution to predictive maintenance for nuclear facilities

    Making Radiation Visible through Gamma Imaging; The Hot Spot Locator

  • Thursday, June 30th

  • Workshop 1

    Workshop 2

  • 9.30 am: PROTEM
    Remotely operated dismantling of a sodium cooled reactor internals and vessel. A first worldwide performed by a french company (reactor knk ii in germany)

    10.00 am: ALTRAN
    Altran methods and tools to improve safety and economics efficiency of nuclear systems

    Digitalization of the nuclear business cycle – challenges and benefits

    11.00 am: BUREAU VERITAS
    Towards a global industry control of the nuclear supply chain

    11.30 am: DAHER

    12.00 am: SPX

    2.00 pm: EDF

    2.30 pm

    3.00 pm
    : AREVA
    Adapting to the changing nuclear fuel markets

    3.30 pm: JAMES WALKER
    Sealing Material Selection for Nuclear Industry

    4.00 pm: WNE

    Why nuclear and megaprojects fail? Lessons learned from OL3

    9.30 am: KIP *
    Knowledge management, a strategic and managerial challenge : IRSN case study

    10.00 am: EMERSON

    Introduction of China’s Nuclear Industry Chain---HW Supply

    11.00 am: WNE

    11.30 am: EXPERCONNECT

    12.00 am: BERNARD CONTROLS
    Nuclear Power Plants safety improvement.Bernard Controls electric actuators - passive solutions for Safety related Valves and Dampers

    2.00 pm: TRACTEBEL ENGIE
    Tractebel ENGIE Nuclear, your partner of choice for Plant Life Extension Program

    2.30 pm:
    New Ways to Reliable Back–Up Power for Nuclear Power Plants

    Nuclear Market Challenges: Ansaldo Nuclear International Projects

    3.30 pm: ERMES
    High radiation resistant instrumentation: ERMES new solutions for cameras, LED lighting, dosimetry , processors, conversion and transmission , robotics ... for operations in areas highly exposed to radiation

    4.00 pm: GERB
    Seismic Protection of Machinery, Buildings & Equipment of Nuclear Power Plants


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