Lunch Debates and Guided Tours

  • 2018 Lunch Debates and Guided Tours

  • For the first time in 2018, WNE organizes lunch debates and guided tours in 4 fields:

  • 2 lunch debates on:

    - SMRs (Small Modular Reactors)
    - Advanced Reactors, Gen IV and beyond


    Guided tours on:

    - Dismantling & Decommissioning
    - Digitalisation


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  • Lunch debates





    For SMR and Advanced reactors, Gen IV & Beyond

    Selected technologies will be presented during these lunch debates


    Dates & hours:

    Lunch debates will be held from 11.30am to 1pm:

    • On Wednesday, June 27th for SMR
    • On Thursday, June 28th for Advanced reactors, GEN IV & beyond












  • SMR


    Song Danrong from CNNC

    Bernard Salha from EDF

    Jae-Sung Song from KAERI/Smart

    Tom Mundy from Nuscale

    Alan Woods from Rolls Royce

    Anton Moskvin from Rosatom


    WHEN? June, 27th at 11:30am

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    François GAUCHÉ from Astrid/CEA

    Bernard BIGOT from ITER

    Rory O’SULLIVAN from Moltex

    Canon BRYAN from Terrestrial Energy

    Jeff HARPER from X-Energy  



    WHEN? June, 28th at 11:30am 

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  • Guided tours





    For D&D and Digitalization

    1-hour guided tours will be organized through selected exhibitor booths.


    Dates & hours:

    3 guided tours will be organized at 9.30am, 11.30 am and 2.30pm for D&D and 10am, 12pm and 3 pm for Digitalization

    • On Wednesday, June 27th 2018
    • On Thursday, June 28th, 2018












    • Listen to the story of HPC digitalisation and see how it comes to life
    • Discover how 3D laser technology will save your virtual time
    • Meet your virtual twin for plant maintenance
    • Find out how Digital Transformation will reduce costs and increase safety
    • Discover the power of augmented reality on data mining
    • Get a glimpse of an innovative system for capital projects management – MULTI-D®
    • Generate greater value through optimized safety, operational excellence and competitiveness
    • Test simulation Tools  for Molten Salt Reactors with automatized mechanical standards compliance checks.
    • Improve reliability by downloading a simple new intuitive application
    • Learn everything there is to know about End to End Digital Maintenance 


    WHEN ? June, 27th at 10am and 3pm, June, 28th at 12pm 

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    • Find out about the benefits of Industry 4.0 technologies and the Leap Motion.  
    • Learn how smart glasses can improve individual dosimetric follow-up and help with remote assistance
    • Know how to take informed decisions and yield insights thanks to an innovative digital solution
    • Discover an innovative solution for all the main steps of design.
    • Anticipate severe accidents thanks to PWR the training Tools.
    • From logistics to aeronautics, find out how Virtual reality and 3D are the solution to all kind of services.
    • Optimize the choice of equipment with BIM modeling Train safely thanks to 3D.
    • Find out how the human factor can be predicted for a complete success of the digitalisation of the nuclear

    • Discover Idrop, an innovative software that merges VR and real-time calculations to simulate nuclear intervention scenarios.



    WHEN ? June, 27th at 12pm, June, 28th at 10am and 3pm 

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    • Enjoy real life footage from a leader in D&D work
    • Find out about Smart Decom, a new platform to assist in D&D project management.
    • Know all about  demantling work through virtual reality
    • Stay aware of the ageing of your concrete structures through big data
    • Meet Dexter, a master slave manipulator
    • Learn everything about the system focused approach for High Activity D&D Projects
    • Discover 40feet long mobile laboratories for your decommissioning sites.
    • Test the binocular compton camera to identify radioactive contamination
    • Reduce time inefficiencies with the new Dismantling Hybrid Twin™

    WHEN? June, 27th at 9:30am and 14:30pm - June 28th at 11:30am

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    • Learn why you can count on the Marine Fire Damper for your safety
    • Learn everything about HERMINE™ the specialist of treatment procedures for radwaste
    • Get advice from experts from the most advanced country in D&D
    • Get acquainted with the Telbot® Robot
    • Discover the latest innovations in treatment and transfer of radiological effluents
    • Meet AEGIS™, a unique device in the nuclear measurement industry.
    • Find out how r3Care will predict for you the lifespan of your electronics
    • Discover a new dosimeter, affordable, light and energy saving
    • Try MANUELA™, a sophisticated, portable system able to generate in real-time topographical and 3D radiological mapping of any nuclear environment.


    WHEN? June, 27th at 11:30am - June 28th at 09:30am and 14:30pm 

    Register now to WNE and book the guided tour you wish to attend!


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