Safe, Proven Technologies for Reactors and Fuel Cycle

Tuesday, October 14th - Morning

The deployment and upgrading of nuclear power plants is going on in response to world energy and climate challenges, and our industry’s responsibility is to provide state-of-the-art technologies to ensure the highest safety and performance of installations, as well as fuel supply security.


Luc Oursel


Debate will be structured around the following topics:

  • - Optimizing business model and financing scheme to ensure competitiveness
  • - Safety, Security of fuel supply, Sustainability: how do we ensure these?
  • - Supply Chain: the right balance between import and localization



Host of the panel discussion

Luc Oursel, Chief Executive Officer, AREVA


Joseph Dominguez, Senior Vice President, Governmental and Regulatory Affairs and Public Policy, Exelon Corporation

Lord Hutton, former Minister and Member of Parliament, Chairman of the UK Nuclear Industry Association and co-Chairman of the UK Nuclear Industry Council 

Jiao ChengXiang, Chief Executive Officer, CNFC

Dominique Louis, Chief Executive Officer, Assystem

Terumasa Onaka, SSenior Vice President, Vice President, Energy & Environment, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI)

Thomas Samson, Chief Operating Officer, Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC)

Zheng Dongshan, Senior Vice President, CGN


Henry Samuel, Correspondent in France of the Daily Telegraph

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